What Everyday Sexism Looks Like

I remember a group of my friends talking about the horrible experiences we have had on the “el.” Men looking us up and down and licking their lips, being grabbed from behind during rush hour, and even seeing men masturbating in their sweat pants across the aisle from us. A few of the guy friends we were with simply didn’t believe us. “That didn’t really happen,” I remember them saying. Except it did. To all of us. And it happens to virtually every woman in her life. And the worst part about it was that people, particularly men, didn’t believe us.

But it did happen. And it is not normal. It is not okay. It is everyday sexism.

Thankfully a lovely British woman has put together a tumblr for women to share their stories of everyday sexism. This isn’t necessarily about righting every wrong done but it is about being able to say what was done was wrong. For women, that is the first big hurdle.

Check out the project!