My Feministy Summer

It was one glorious summer folks; full of lazy afternoon walks, whiskey on the rocks, and mercifully slow Sunday mornings where I pretended I was still 24 and this pounding headache was actually not a hangover.

I also got to publish some cool shit in some cool places.

I had my first piece in Thought Catalog, which was a goal I’d had for over two years. I wrote about trolling, how it sucks, how it makes me feel like shit but how it isn’t going to stop me from writing.

“There is this idea that female writers’ appearances somehow are “free game” for commentary, and appraisal of a female writer’s appearance somehow equates into the worthiness of her story. This, of course, is bullshit. Total fucking bologna.”

Check it out here. 

After our National NOW conference, I also wrote a piece for Role Reboot about how new and old generations of women should work together.

“We are fighting the same fight. We are victims of the same societal fault, the same sexism. We both just want to be heard, so badly sometimes that we don’t listen to each other.”

Scoot over to Role Reboot for that one here.

But I think my favorite piece from the summer was published in the RedEye last month about the sexual harassment women face on public transportation.

“There were stories of hands up skirts on crowded trains; of men licking their lips and whispering sexual positions on the bus; and, yes, of men beating it on the CTA. After each story, there was also a similar feeling of shame, powerlessness and this need for constant vigilance lest you be at fault for “your rape.””

People just really seemed to respond to this column, with both positive and some pretty ugly remarks. The types of conversations that were sparked is why I write. This is why trolling and nasty tweets are worth it. Because sometimes you get to write something that maybe makes a difference to someone. If that’s all I did this summer (besides take some truly fabulous instagram shots), then it’s been a pretty fabulously feminist summer.

To read the whole RedEye column, click here.

And what now you ask? Well I’m putting on my fancy pants and heading over to IU for my master’s in Telecommunications! More on that in a bit….