Little Feminist in the Ivory Towers

I feel like I have swapped one quasi-idyllic self-sustaining bubble for another; the pink and purple I-am woman-hear-me-roar feminist world for the pristinely pale and erudite world of academia.

A month ago, as the PR Chair for the Chicago National Organization for Women, I spent my weekends writing feministy column for local papers and destroying early Brittany Spears songs during karaoke as an act of third wave rebellion.

Living in the feminist bubble there are things you just assume other people know, words you assume other people define the same way, values you assume other people share. You rarely have to explain why you have that “keep abortion legal” bumper sticker on your car or why the song “Blurred Lines” is so hideously offensive. People get you, you get them, you don’t have to explain yourself, or rarely even question the superiority of your clearly righteous ideals.

Now, as a MA student in the Telecommunications Department at IU, I go to classes where pretend I know the importance of the t-test and refer to porn as either sexually explicit images or visual sexual stimuli. WTF. There are totally different rules in this bubble!

Which is basically to say: this shit is hard guys. Not in the whiny #firstworldproblems type of way – okay well maybe a little bit in that type of way -but also in that I feel my brain growing and my world expanding type of way. It’s a little painful but in the #worthit type of way. And hopefully someday it will be in the #benefittingsociety type of way.

As my Philosophy of Inquiry class is teaching me, I was living in a pretty comfy worldview of feminism. And it was lovely. But now after my abrupt move to IU, I’ve got to learn to exist within this new worldview of quantitative variables, crazy acronyms and a very different value set.

Good News: at least in this paradigm they also have copious amounts of wine. Cheers!

If it’s good enough for Kristen Wiig, it’s good enough for me


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