STFU about women’s short hair

Recently some bro-tastic dude said on some frat-rageous blog that Jennifer Lawrence’s short hair made is man bits shrivel up and weep. And most people ignored him as a troll. But as an owner of on spunky head of short hair, I know this dude’s penis-priveledged opinions are all too common and really effing annoying. Luckily the RedEye agreed and they let me write a lovely opinion column today. Pixie Power! Below is a little snippet…

“But for plenty of other women, their haircut has nothing to do with a stereotypically strict sexual allure. Their haircuts are for them, not for the world, and certainly not for penises that are prone to wilt at the sight of an earlobe. They chose their pixies or straight bangs or asymmetrical cuts to create an image who they are. Their hair reflects a part of their identity that is not just sexual.  This may be the hardest thing for frat bro and our society to understand: that a woman is not defined by her sexuality, nor is she defined by what others think of her sexuality or the sex-factor of her hair cut.”

Read more at,0,6989972.story#bLXWosXAmi3RkdFg.99

cue cute jennifer lawrence photo…..


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