Damn this weather

Everyone knows it has been an insane weather but nothing is as crazy as an Indiana spring. Two weeks ago it was 70 on Tuesday and then it snowed the next. Last weekend I went for a glorious spring run through Bryan Park. Today if effin’ snowed again (see bitterness below.)

My professors like to remind me I should be used to this; by this they mean the cold weather. And yes cold weather I can do with grace and aplomb; I’ve got the scarves to prove it. But this glorious high to grey lows, I cannot do. It has weakened my resolve and frustrated my soul. The thing with Wisconsin winters is you know when they start and when they end. It gets cold in October and stays that way with snow on the ground until April. You grit down and power through winter. Then comes summer and life blooms and you repeat the whole lovely pattern again next year.

But this, this Indiana Spring, you never know what to expect; there is no pattern, no logic and no control. And there is nothing I hate more than illogical weather.

Today it snowed. I opened my door to snow and a stuffed mailbox. Inside was a gift card my mom had randomly sent me because well because she’s mama fritz. My mom is kind of horrible sometimes at planned gifts like on birthdays and such. She always tries so hard and wants to get the perfect gift but ends up getting you a knife set when you have to fly back to Chicago or steel working gloves for gardening? But she has always been great at the random impromptu gifts, at the unexpected stuff, that always seems to come just at the right time.

I’m going to start treating nice days in Indiana like random gifts from my mom, totally random, unexpected and a gift. I’m going to try to expect less out of this spring and just try to enjoy the randomness. Given that I’m a bit of a control freak, I may fail miserably but at least by May I’ll be able to say I survived an Indiana spring. Image

(You can’t really see it but this is my backyard snow globe style.)



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