Growing Pains: Being a Transgender Ally

I’ve been working on a new study that deals with transgender identity and it’s made me realize: I’m not that great of an ally. For years I’ve been trained how to be a gay ally (along with lesbian and bi) but the T in the LGBT was often just disregarded. I’m realizing how bogus that is now and how much I need to work to confront my own privilege and become a true ally. Here’s a bit from my piece about my experience in the Daily Dot:

But what I really need is to spend more time listening and less time probing for information. Of course, I still have questions, many of which are born from privilege, but my questions do not take priority over the trans community telling their story authentically and in their own words. By focusing on the privileged interrogation of the cisgender community, we frame the story of the trans community—we say what is important, what we will listen to and what we won’t.

But if we want to be true allies, we need to stop trying to satisfy our curiosity and start learning what solidarity really means.

Read the whole of it here.

….And here is the comment that made writing this piece so worth it…..

best response ever


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