This is what #survivorprivilege looks like

This was a seriously hard column to write. I had so many unexpected thoughts and feelings while I was writing it. I kept just getting so frustrated and angry that this was a thing and that I had to explain what rape survivors don’t have privilege in the sense that asshat white men talk about privilege. There I go again; feeling the rant coming. Here are my feels in edited form:

“According to RAINN, only 40 percent of rapes are reported. Of those 40 percent, only 20 percent are ever brought to trial and only 10 percent will ever be found guilty. Most victims go through the painful process of having to relive their trauma over and over, having every detail of what they drank, what they were wearing and what they said scrutinized for possible indications that the victim led their assailant on (aka that they “wanted it”), only to have the entire process end with the rapist walking away.

No wonder young women choose the less of two evils, choosing to report to their colleges so at least their perpetrators won’t be sharing a bathroom with them the morning before their chemistry exam. I want George Will to think about this the next time he tries to claimrape survivors have privilege. Young women have two options: file charges with the police with a 10 percent chance of being their rapist being found guilty or go to the university and attempt to salvage any remnants of safety in their homes. What a privilege.”

Check out the full rant here. 


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