Men’s Rights Activists are not for equality

I wrote a little piece today in Role Reboot about the growing trend of comparing MRA to feminists. The basic gyst: MRAs are not “feminists for men.” They are hateful and they do not want equality. Read more here.


“In my past decade of feminist work I have never heard a single feminist talk with such hateful speech. I have seen my feminist lady friends fall in love with men, work besides men, propose to their boyfriends, walk beside men at protests, give birth to little men, loving and respecting these men at the same time they fought for equal rights. I have seen my feminist man friends stand on street corners to get signatures for female politicians, hold their girlfriends’ hands at rallies, sit around the board table at a Chicago National Organization for Women meeting, and encourage their wives while they were giving birth or running for office—all the while not resenting or hating any of these women because they were feminists.”



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