What Does All This Glittery Celebrity Feminism Really Mean?

I’ve got to admit, that new Taylor Swift song “Shake It” is pretty damn catchy. And so is Ms. Swift’s new shiny feminism. But I’m afraid all that shaking and such, may have left some of the baby feminists a little confused about what feminism really is. So I wrote a little diddy in the RedEye about what it means to be a feminist in two easy steps.

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“Feminism, at its nitty-gritty core, is a two-parter. First, feminism is the idea that men and women should be equal in the work force, at home, in society, on all of the levels. Most people except for some unsavory, trolly extremists can get behind this general notion. Please note that saying men and women should be equal is not saying they are the same; women don’t have to “act like” men or vice versa, and yes, the obvious biological differences still exist. It is saying women should not be treated as inferior in the eyes of governments, religions, societies or families. The second, more vital and often contentious part of feminism is the understanding that men and women currently are not treated equally. I think Part 2 is where a lot of young women and men balk against feminism because A) they don’t see the inequalities in their lives or B) they can’t or refuse to see the bias other women face because of their gender.”