International Women’s Day and some reflection time

Five years ago on International Women’s Day I started my first feministy blog called Third Wave in the Second City. Two years ago, after I was accepted to IU, I started this blog, originally called Super Woman’s Day Job and now called “I’m a Fucking Feminist.” Although International Women’s Day isn’t really “a thing” here in the states, to me it always meant the day I remembered I had a voice and that voice mattered.

As I dive, or am swallowed, further into this academic life, I feel the power of my voice growing. I know important words now. I can cite studies with authority. I have a key to the lab for Christ’s sake. I matter. And while this feeling is mainly delightful, I know in the upcoming decades I need to remember this is not the experience for many women. Many women feel silenced or unheard. Many women don’t believe in the power of their stories, or they don’t have the priviledge of an ivory tower pulpit.

I recognize my new life, and my new role, gives me the ability to have authority with my voice and my story. This is an incredible gift. Whether it is on this little blog, for the RedEye (or hopefully something even bigger in the future), or for an academic journal, I want to remember this matters, writing matters, telling my story matters. And I want in the future to help as many other young women as I can recognize this power as well.

Happy International Women’s Day everyone!