The Future of Women in Porn

Last week I wrote a piece exploring the possible future role of women in porn. As much as is possible in a 500-word popular press piece written for 20-somethings, I tried to express the nuances of this whole feminism and porn intersection. So often when talking about porn we are forced to put either “pro” or “anti” in front of our names. After studying porn for going on two years now, I have found myself see-sawing between the two unrealistic dichotomies, now settling on the fact that porn, like many media, is flawed but redeemable. I strongly believe in creating fair trade porn, porn that incorporates fair working conditions, shatters existing sexist and racist tropes in porn and creates sexier, more realistic images of sex and pleasure. Of course people will disagree and many will form opinions without even reading the piece. But I really hope we can get off the opposing warring sides of this “porn debate” and start having some fruitful conversations about the future of women in pornography.

To read the full piece click here.