Wisconsin high school editors censored for talking about rape

This one touches close to home guys! I was the editor-in-chief for my high schools newspaper “The Buzz.” I remember trying to fight for some quasi-controversial topics and they were always denied. These kids at Fondy High not only had the gumption to write on something as controversial as rape culture but they did so in an incredibly honest and articulate way. (read the full article here.) They should not be being censored but congratulated. Take a few minutes to read their piece and sign the petition to uncensor high school newspapers in Fond du Lac! 



I also got a column in the RedEye about the issue! Hopefully this gives the petition some more momentum!


WTF: Why is female masturbation (pleasure) so flipping shocking to people

CW recently cut a brief female masturbation scene in their new period show “Reign” and instead cut right to the part where the King of France decided to “bed” the maiden. Just to be clear, they cut the “graphic and offensive” masturbation scene in favor of what today we call statutory rape. So rape= okee dokey for TV. Self female pleasure = not so much.

I’ve got to say this make me royally pissed. I’m annoyed that we are at this place is society where women are constantly shown as sex objects but are not allowed to enjoy sexuality. I’m sick of sex being shown as something done to women instead of something enjoyed. No wonder our young men and women have so many fucked up ideals on sex.

And why are Americans so flipping freaked out by female pleasure?! Well I’ve got lots of thoughts on this but I think Tracy Clark-Flory says it best:

“Female masturbation forces us to acknowledge that women are sexual creatures, and that can be deeply disturbing for some. After all, we’re supposed to be the gatekeepers holding humanity together — and if we’re not at our post, then who is?”

Why Women Slut Shame Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is the twerk and subsequent slut shame felt round the world. Her VMA twerking drama will not die down no matter how sick we all are of analyzing the phallic nature of that fucking foam finger. And although I get that Miley’s been kind of an entertaining freak show lately, it is frankly crazy to me how many people give two shits about her current slutitude level. Why didn’t we just write off her twerk up as another bad VMA performance, like a more racist Brittany Spears circa 2007?

South Park knew Miley was going to be the next sacrificial slut back in 2008!

Instead people, and particularly women, continue to weigh in with their opinions about Miley and her twerkiness. The judgement-o-rama continued when Sinead O’Connor wrote an open letter (and then a second, third, fourth and FIFTH open letter) to Miley, after Miley said Sinead was an inspiration for the “Wrecking Ball” music video. Sinead’s letter was not a pretty one, nor was the Twitter fight post-letter particularly graceful for either of the artists. Sinead claimed she was acting as a “mother figure” when she told Miley that she was being pimped out by the music industry. If I had a quarter for every time my mom called me a prostitute…

Whether or not Sinead truly thought she was acting in Miley’s “best interest,” it is not her job, nor mine, nor the media, to decide what is sexually-appropriate for Miley Cyrus and what is not.

Look I get the need to gawk at a twerking car wreck. As human beings it is our God-given freedom to judge Miley’s performance, to say things like: “That was the least sexy performance I’ve witnessed since Jim Levenstein’s strip tease in American Pie” or to think “Please stop licking things or at least make sure your tetanus shot is up-to-date.”

It is not okay for to go from “your performance was horrendous” to “you are a horrendous slut,” which is essentially what Sinead and the media and most of America did. We went from hating an action to condemning a woman.

But why did we, particularly as the women of this free liberated world, do such a silly and un-feminist thing like slut shame a 20-year old woman?

I think we slut shame Miley to prove that we aren’t the whores. We make Miley the slut, make her smuttiness deplorable and thus create that whorey “other” we can point to as “everything that is wrong with America.”

Then, all us liberated women of the world can be the acceptably sexual ladies on the street and proper freaks in the bed, that we so want to be.

None of which is to say that Miley deserves our praise, or that her twerking was good. We should definitely be talking about her appropriation of black culture as well as why nude is not a flattering color on her. But as for her sexuality, Miley appears to be like a lot of 20 year old women: visibly awkward with her own scantily clad body and unsure of how to express her sexiness in a society filled with mixed messages for young women. Sound familiar to any other women out there?

#stoked: Playboy’s College Edition focuses on consent

#superstoked to see my college representing some awesome consent wear here! Go Badgers!

Playboy’s 2013 Review of Campus Sex Life focused on consent! Pretty rad to see consent made sexy. I may not be a fan of a lot of the bull shit Playboy pulls, but they are a force to be sure. I’m happy any time the powers make a decision to promote something that can make Americans sexually healthier! Read the HuffPost article here. 

Update: IT WAS AN AWESOME HOAX. Glady be fooled by these awesome feminists any day!

Token Feminist Columnist

I used to write/rant a lot about the free daily Chicago publication the RedEye, particularly about how absurd and sexist it was. (See this or this.)

Then about a year ago I started writing for the RedEye. After pitching to the opinion editor a few times, one impassioned, rather bold and arrogant “I can do op-ed better than your current roster” plea got through. I met the editor, we chatted a bit and he agreed to “see how it goes.”

A year later I’ve written over two dozen columns and justly or unjustly so have positioned myself as the RedEye’s feminist columnist, much to the dismay of this schmutz.  Hyperbolic feminazi name-calling aside, it’s been kind of flipping amazing to write about the issues I care about to an audience of 200,000 (not to mention actually getting PAID to do it.) It feels pretty great to be part of the media I spent so many years criticizing.

But in other ways feeling like the token feminist at the RedEye, meant I felt this overarching pressure to only write about gender and to only write about things that really mattered for gender equality. Every week this meant pitching what can be the rather depressing “women’s issues” such as birth control, domestic violence and equal pay, all of which made me begin to feel like a one-dimensional cartoon character. I had pigeon holed myself into the Portlandia feminist.

The truth is I don’t only care about “women’s issues.” Sometimes I want to write about my deep love of the Green Bay Packers and other times about the how much dating sucks. And while I always wear my vagina with pride, I don’t always feel the need to defend it in print.

That is why last week’s column disparaging the Blackhawk’s Ice Crew as sexist was so amazingly fantastically awesome. Not just because it was a feminist column that I didn’t write but because it was written by a man. A MAN.

And this is where a bit of my paradigm begins to shift. I often feel the need to hold up the feminist torch as a female writer for the RedEye without realizing that I’m not the only one who cares about a more just world. As a woman, it is not my sole responsibility to end sexism. Men want this as well. And just as Scott can write about sexism in hockey, just as he can care about ending gender inequality, I can care about ending racism or homophobia or about my undying love for the Green and Gold.