How a 28 year old grad student picks out a Halloween costume…

Internal stream of conscience:

[scene: Goodwill in quasi small liberal university Midwestern town; a feministy 28 year old grad student is rummaging through rows of ugly vests]

I really want to finally be Annie Hall this year. I’ve always wanted to be Annie Hall. The honesty in that movie in just brilliant. Although now that I think about it, Annie Hall really is the first archetype of the manic pixie girl. Do I really want to embody that shit for the night? I mean she is basically a 90s version of Zoey Dechannel and that girl really gets under my skin. And these vests are $5! I mean $5! That is a six-pack of PBR tall boys. Maybe I could be the ermahgerd girl from that one meme. I think I have some goosebumps books at home. But I would have to get a pig. I can’t be ermahgerd girl without pig tails. This pixie cut is killing me. But a wig is like what, $15?! That is like a 24 pack of PBR. Okay skip the wig. Beer is definitely more important. Dude I’ve got to get out of this goodwill. I think I’ve been talking outloud for the past 5 minutes.

[scene: typical grad student home filled with cheap furniture and Warhol posters with a woman surfing the internet with an increasingly worried expression on her face.]

What should I google? Lazy costumes? Cheap costumes? Cheap costumes women with a pixie cut can pull off? Dude I’m not going to be Miley Cyrus! I would really love to be Tina Fey or Amy Poehler. Maybe I could be Leslie from Parks and Rec! God dammit I would still need a wig. Wait there is Amy Poehler dressed up as Rosie the Riveter. Rosie the Riveter! That is brilliant. But is that too cliché. I mean the feminist being Rosie the Riveter. That is kind of boring. Plus I don’t want to buy a new denim shirt and mine is definitely the long hipster version. Hold the freaking phone! What if I was a hipster Rosie the Riveter. I have some hipster-esque glasses from that Mad Men party a few years ago. I could wear those and carry around PBR. A cheap costume that requires me to drink PBR all night! SOLD!

*note that nowhere in this thought process does “is that sexy” come into play. Thankfully something happens in between 18 and 28 where showing 60% of your breasts stops being an essential accessory to any Halloween costume. #thanktheheavens


What Everyday Sexism Looks Like

I remember a group of my friends talking about the horrible experiences we have had on the “el.” Men looking us up and down and licking their lips, being grabbed from behind during rush hour, and even seeing men masturbating in their sweat pants across the aisle from us. A few of the guy friends we were with simply didn’t believe us. “That didn’t really happen,” I remember them saying. Except it did. To all of us. And it happens to virtually every woman in her life. And the worst part about it was that people, particularly men, didn’t believe us.

But it did happen. And it is not normal. It is not okay. It is everyday sexism.

Thankfully a lovely British woman has put together a tumblr for women to share their stories of everyday sexism. This isn’t necessarily about righting every wrong done but it is about being able to say what was done was wrong. For women, that is the first big hurdle.

Check out the project!