Feministy Writings


“Inequality in Oral Sex: Why We Need to Rethink Lady Head” 5 Jan 2016

“I Want to Date Feminist Men” 8 December 2015


“Appreciating versus Objectifying the Man Meat” 21 July 2015

“Fast Sex, Slow Love aka Hump First, Love Later” 23 May 2015

“The Future of Women in Porn” 4 May 2015

“Let’s Talk about Sex Before it Becomes Rape” 11 Feb 2015

“Keep Calm in the Face of HPV”  20 Jan 2015

I bought condoms for the first time—at 28″ 7 July 2014

“What is a Normal Bikini Body Anyway?” 18 June 2014

“Can’t We All Have Equal Rights” 28 May 2014

To Spanx or Not To Spanx” A feminist conundrum 8 April 2014

“Trust Kids to Speak” 21 March 2014 (about the superintendent censoring kids in Fondy High for writing about rape culture)

Porn is the Perfect Holiday Gift” 23 Dec 2013 

“Once and for all, Stop Blaming the Victim” 31 Oct 2013

“Time to Talk about Consent, Baby” 8 Oct 2013 

“You’re Just a Regular Horndog” 22 Sept 2013


“This is what #survivorprivilege looks like” 1 July 2014

“The Growing Pains of Being a Transgender Ally” 17 June 2014

“Why Did a German Tabloid Publish Photos of Kate Middleton’s Butt?” 2 June 2014

“Old Navy’s Thigh Gap Sends Dangerous Message to Women” 23 March 2014


“5 Reasons You Should Stop Worrying About How Many People You’ve Been With” 21 Oct 2013

“Getting called ugly online” 11 July 2013

role reboot

“Learn to Play Nice: How Young and Old Feminists Can Work Together” 15 July 2013

“Why Hookups Haven’t Killed Dating” 17 Jan 2013


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